Nhk ni Youkoso! Episode 12 (Welcome to the offline gathering!)

As the story goes on were it left off, Satou goes out with Sempai. Claiming this is a new beginning in his life, no more Hikikomorism, not any more. But as he rides around with sempai, they stop at a station, Satou complains about being 9:00 and the sun is already burning hot. They meet with some people who look awfully down, These people however are acquainted with sempai and they are the ones who will take them to this ”Hevenly Island” for an Offline meeting. Next they appear at the harbor, they get on a cruise and head towards the island.

On the way to the island, as the characters interact and such, sempai just throws her cellphone into the sea for no apparent reason, an alternative solution was to turn the cellphone off, but it wouldn’t Nhk without talking appliances and cellphone throwing…

This is not a summary of the episode, if you want to know every detail, you can either watch it or read a summary (Animeblogger Antenna search). With that in mind, i’ll continue:

They arrive at the island, and every just takes their role automatically, Gazing at the sea, sleeping, reading a book, and playing what appears to be a Nintendo DS. Satou appears in his swim suit and ask sempai to swim, she claims to have a bit of left hangover and dozes off in the shadows, Satou then tries to interact with the other characters of the peloton, with each deying and ignoring him, except the old man (whose name i cant recall) he hands who hands him a beer, Satou asks how can he own a boat and private beach, He replies he may have all this but he lost as equal, he lost his happiness.

Satou then distances from him and begins to gather driftwood to make a fire, he then approaches a big lug sunken in the sand, each character in the peloton then comes to help him one by one until they pulled it out. The old then says Satou has reminded him the meaning of the offline meeting: To have fun on their last day alive.

Satou then freezes in fear and the episode concludes. If you read all this, then you must like the series a lot. The only question now is will Satou save these people or will he just get screwed?



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