Ghost Hunt, J.c. Staff’s next hit? Plus: Negima?! (My Opinion)

J.c. Staff’s pulls up their next series in this Fall season.    Ghost Hunts about Tamiyama mai, the average schoolgirl. Much like Fujioka Haruhi, Mai broke something of great value… but instead of working for a Host Club, she must work a somewhat weird Psychic Research, a ghost hunting agency. From this point on, the most eccentric characters will pop out. The boss, Shibuya Kazuya, Doest care about normal humans (Haruhi Fanboyism affects you in very harsh ways, Here’s the proof) Instead, he likes ghost. That’s just plain freaky. Now he and Mai move out to uncover a mystery on a haunted School building, On a side note, the other principal from the school had transferred just because of that, now why would he? a Haunted school building is a must have in any institution this days, people just don’t get that, we need more Haruhi influence!

As for the characters we have the crucial GhostBusters Team:  the psychic iincho, the miko and monk, an Australian exorcist, and a medium. Now all we need is Rika from Higurashi.


Negima?! 01 was released and you can find Impressions on almost any blog, torrents on almost any torrent site, and Uploads on Youtube. No need to say, It… Was… Awsome. from the animation to the character design to the history line to the freaking point of it being so good. Fansubbers have already included this on their of project and you can expect more of this high quality and more darker theme from Shaft. Comment!

  1. #1 by Ryan A on October 9, 2006 - 1:53 am

    What gets me is that I’ve not experienced any of the Negima world? 😦 I feel like im missing out.

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