Nhk ni Youkoso! -Episode 13- He survived, but at what Cost…


As the plot goes, Satou was gonna suicide himself with some people he just met, each one with their reasons, im suprised how Satou didn’t suicide a few episodes earlier seeing his reasons were far stronger than the other other characters. One of the more concerning aspects of this chapter was how Misaki responded to the whole situation, with Yamazaki telling her off, it had me glued to the screen seeing it was imposible to guess what exactly was gonna happen. She did say she needed Satou because she finaly found some lower than her. Now, from any angle i try to view this, i see it as an insult, plus she violated Satou’s privacy, To me that is the most disturbing thing someone can do, Watching every one of his movements… this got me thinking, Satou’s reaction wasn’t abnormal at all, in fact, Satou was pretty strong with the whole deal. However i think that if sempai would have telled Satou the meaning of trip, giving him time to collect his thoughs, he would have jumped, maybe first than the other characters. I think Satou should distance himself from Misaki, but im also eager to see were their relashonship is gonna take them.


As for now, i got to much hassle with fall season’s new series, so i’ll leave it at that. comment!

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