Would you marry a Hataraki Man?

 Hataraki man points out all the troubles and all the stress journalist have to go through, from paper work, all nighters, and Co worker relationship troubles to personal affairs. It represents the ideals of a woman with an overwhelming sense of justice, and a lot of testosterone, but still shows a female and kind side.

With accurate dialog and great character presentation, this is my personal favorite, mainly because of the concept and because this first episode featured the stressed out secretary, it really reminded me of The Devil wears Prada.   The details are top notch and it had a slight sense of humor added on it, this is a series i will not pass out.

Post is a little late but im currently flooded with work. 

  1. #1 by DoReMiFaSo on October 23, 2006 - 11:21 pm

    To answer you question, I wouldn’t want to marry a Hataraki man, and I hope I won’t turn out to be one. =P

  2. #2 by Demian on October 23, 2006 - 11:28 pm

    Would I marry a Hataraki man? No. If possible would I have a one night stand with a hataraki man? Hell yes. All that anger has to go somewhere.

    All jokes aside Hataraki Man is one of the best shows this season and should be a great ride.

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