Game addiction killing you? We follow Satou’s Advice

A short and brief guide on how to escape you sofa, shut down your PC and breathe some fresh air [cough]… or maybe not. Join the world in productive activities such as meeting with an old class buddy, following him/her countryside and meet with a creepy old man just to fall for a “Multi level marketing scam”, and much more as satou gets screwed for life with a debt higher than ps3 price.

First step to release your soul, is realizing that after many attempts at getting a job, your perverted friend b*tching about making a game and your stalker awaiting at your door… You are broke and can’t make a budget unless you stop eating.  After you get a hold of your situation and hit you head against a wall for being so stoopid, you may proceed to step two.

Second step coming in when you are at peak of desperation and try [you know you will] to make money at Rmt (Real money trade, was it?) , have your friend virtually cross dress and play with you as a hawt neko girl of the healer type, so when you reach the point of having no contact with society, your heart crumbles apart seeing as it was your friend playing as the neko girl, worse of all he now has this homo aura around you, precaution is advised.

Third step is commit suicide, while eating cake upside down in a maid outfit.

This concludes my guide on how to get rid of the addition of games, which was little impossible without suicide, even so i cant guarantee you will quit after you are dead.

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