You say Generic Harem, I say Tomato

I’ve been doing the usual lately, getting out of work and homework fast to head to my pc and simply watch anime or play any good mmorpg, but as soon as i saw Tokimeki Memorial i was glued to the screen, boy did i need some rest of all the dark and bloody series like red garden and Death Note and those Trap series like Otoboku. I’m amazed with what some people have said about it being a generic harem of sorts, i seriously think they should stop and think it over before rating this anime.

How can you not like a series which features a chicken (Piyo-kun was it?) that can kick ass, the fan groups formed by clubs and punks that adore those girls which by the way reminded me of Shuffle! and the fact that everyone wears nekomimi and bunny ears without being embarrassed. Of course if i am to be honest with myself i’d say it does seem generic at first but later on i found to have a liking for it, even if i did watch episode one out of boredom.

  1. #1 by Danny on November 21, 2006 - 6:37 am

    Which episode are you up to? It just feels a little repetitive atm.

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