Blood drinking, Better than sex?

I never really noticed Black Blood Brothers was only 12 eps long, but the climax at the end really did sum everything up, but then i feel it was sort of rushed, it had the space to fit one more ep in it. Through this is without a doubt screaming Second season, they left out a lot of stuff they could have showed on this season, like Mimiko’s origin, which is like the major Cliffhanger we have right now.

Another thing is, Jirou got overpowered just by taken a sip of blood. He was underwater, there was even rain, and he got stabbed like 20 times on the back and all the sudden even his clothes are fixed, no wonder he didn’t die in this season.

Another thing i though was how creepy the reincarnation thing was, Alice was looking damn good to be 100 years (or more) old, and Poof, she turns into ashes and appears as a little kid. Guess make-up doesn’t last forever.

  1. #1 by AnimeFan on July 20, 2007 - 2:11 pm

    Agreed. I mean Cassa survived too. And yea it was sorta rushed. I really want a second season but i don’t want Jirou to die either maybe they will find a solution or somthin will happen who knows maybe mimiko has some weird power i mean didn’t she like say alices exact words or something like them.

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