Breaking the stupid Harem Leads record, it’s Koushi

And there you have it, ultimate “WTF” scene, now if Koushi’s gonna come out of the closet he better do it soon because i can’t stand Lolis giving themselfs away to some guy that Faps to his law books, the Tiger soccer guy looks like a good replacement for him, i’d like a Harem lead that actually takes advantage of the situation, if Koushi’s so smart, why hasn’t he gotten any action? huh… and from the looks of it i doubt he’ll ever get some some.

He had two naked gals protecting him, BTW (Naked gals pwnd by random wind, what the heck?) not to mention the Turtle sensei had something stuck in her behind, now hows that supposed to power you up? extra boost?

I liked the new intro, not like the first one but it was OK, and i’m glad we finally get to see Koushi’s Wolf, i also liked the new outfits for Sanae and Momoko, too bad they left Iroha out but i though it was reasonable since her Ninja suit is already hard to match, considering it’s given off 45% or more of all the Panteh shots in the last episodes.

Probably now its Ghost Hunt Batch for me.

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