L. touched Misa’s ass, and Light gets Jealous

Darn, why wont Misa die? so close… but more surprising was L grabbing Misa’s ass, maybe there is still hope for him.

I have lost to my temptations and i’ve decided i’ll download the manga chapters, i’m not the Manga kind of person but i just can’t take it anymore, my blood pressure is gonna go mad if i don’t find out what happens next, like will Misa ever get Laid?

Right now i’ve reached i level of Fanboyism towards Death Note that i looked myself in the mirror and said to myself “Fuck You” and then i slapped myself, why? cause its like a damned drug! i’ve reached the point of no return now. Ohh and Misa with the torture thing on her body looks like i came directly from a hentai series, too bad there weren’t any Real Men to appreciate that moment, except maybe L’s Butler who’s been not getting any screening lately, people need their Green Tea Ice cream to have an abnormaly high IQ! why hasn’t Light realized that?

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