Sexual Frustration can lead to Ghost Hunting

Ghost Hunt has been subbed so fast its not hard to believe its gonna catch up to the Super speedy Chinese subbers soon, in fact we are already on ep 14 and the cliffhangers are even more epic.

They really did well with the OP change, they kept the awesome Orchestra and replaced the little bright lights with awesome footage of some probably Haunted ruins, that probably have something to do with Mai’s powers and Naru-chan’s past.

There has also been a change on the characters behaviour, in the last few eps there have been more funny scenes and more WTF moments than in the first 5 episodes where everything had a serious touch to it, but the funny can stay, it ain’t a JC staff anime if its serious.

Not the mention the notorious face expressions now, they make this arc a bit more wacky than the other creepy ,arc with the kid dying in top of a church and  stuff, but you gotta love Mai’s way of handling things, specially when another girl hits on Naru.

Question: You think this guy had something similar like Mai’s power and killed himself cause he couldn’t take it anymore? or was it the hair?, anyway he’ll probably explain why is Mai having the dreams and stuff, so the next will probably have a chunk of Info about the main characters, good thing they’re subbing it so fast.

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