Despair is taken too serious

The anime Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei started recently in this season.  Fuura Kafuka, the main girl. An airhead too positive for her own good encounters Nozomu itoshiki hanging by his neck, she quickly pushes him off the rope and states how no one should commit suicide and how the world is filled with hope etc. She’s strangely comfortable talking to a complete stranger, not to mention she does seem to have a few bolts loose from the fact she started naming random objects around the area.

Nozomu itoshiki on the other hand, is very negative and has the tendency to go emo most of the time but at least he keeps calmness place and has a tranquil demeanor. Later on these two meet again in class, being Nozumo the teacher and Kafuka a student seems its the first day of school. After lot of funny phrases in the background (one absurdly big blackboard that covers the whole wall) we meet Chiri Kitsu a compulsive perfectionist who worries about every little detail and Arai sensei, a female teacher that carries a light relationship with Itoshiki, she’s smart and balanced and didn’t get a lot of dialog this time around.

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