Gurren Lagann’s 7 years of difference

Most of the cast changed. And it was like they had been separated for some time, everyone took their on road and made their own life separately and amazingly, the humans adapted pretty fast considering the time skip was only seven years, the people quickly began using cars and whatnot which is kind of weird because after spending all their life underground, you’d expect them to unknowable about technological things. Not to mention Leeron who already established his own NASA department.

Viral’s still around, his ganmen is wrecked and he isn’t in his best times either. He’s alive because his immortality and it seems all the other beast men died the moment Lord Gerome’s blood was spilled, but for some reason Rossiu’s keeping him alive somehow (only his head though, futurama style) hooked up to some machines. Which makes you wonder if the king’s alive, why did the other beast men die? and if he did die and was resurrected why the heck isn’t Kamina being resurrected? that’s be most logical thing to do.

While grown up Nia is just awesome, Bad Nia who wants to destroy the earth is fine too. They could have however, made this into two episodes and introduce the characters in a more slow and detailed manner. Now it just seems as if they rushed they plot a bit.

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