Sora no Woto | 01


First winter season show I’ve watched. I’ll cut to the chase: It is Military K-on in every sense of the word, That said there’s not much to be said. You might wanna take a look, but other than “clumsy moe” and a protagonist who is not fit to be in the army you won’t find anything else. On second I’m being harsh with myself, it is, after all, the first ep. Maybe I’m just being a spoiled brat.

  1. #1 by H.P on April 25, 2011 - 4:02 pm

    Well, that’s actually what quite a lot of people say about it. Personally, I haven’t seen K-on, but I have heard a great deal about it. This is my opinion for this anime (which I have seen, btw.)

    (I might accidently end up spoiling a few things, but oh well.)
    The main thing about this anime is the contrast/juxstaposition (sp?) of the happy, moe scenes; suddenly flashing to a dramatic and violent flashback. Many people critizised Sora no Woto for that exact reason. In some ways I agree, but I personally think that it is one of the defining points of this anime. Everyone has some kind of dark past; and everyone has been affected by the war in some different way. Children are made war orphans, sisters and brothers are lost, a bio-weapon wreaks havok among a collection of towns. The atmosphere is pretty dark, even with the moe elements added in. Which brings me to my second point. Sora no Woto does a great job of leaving things unexplained, which is a massive pain. There is a part where one of the members is having a flashback, and in it is a part where she is trapped alone in a ruined building. She finds a body of a soldier of the ‘ancient’ ages (roughly our times to them). She halloconates (sp?) and the soldier ‘explains’ that they couldn’t stop ‘them’, and that ‘they’ will conquer and kill humanity. Whilst that is being said, a large battle between armies of spider-tank-things is being shown. Who exactly ‘they’ are is never actually explained. I have a few more things to say, but it’s 2am, so I might come and finish it later. Provided I remember.


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