Glad Mitsudomoe is not a moeblob show

Maybe the most interesting aspect I find in Mitsudomoe is that it manages to be perverted, without being outright perverted. Also, it is not a god damned moe blob show, and I value that a lot.

One of the reasons I never finished Potemayo (or K-on for that matter) is that that kind of character behavior doesn’t suit my tastes at all. In fact, it is outright retarded. It is one thing for a character to look blob-ish at a certain time depending on the show’s art style, but moe blob shows rely on the character’s incapacity to perform certain actions to try and invoke our perception of it as moe. Well, I guess a lot of shows besides moe blob shows try to do this (like the Shikikamagami sisters from Ladies vs Butlers or Mafuyu from Seitokai no Ichizon) but I guess there must be something I’m overlooking. Still, things like clumsy moe or bad at cooking moe are just not moe in my book.

art source

  1. #1 by nothikago on July 18, 2010 - 6:54 am

    Indeed, the perception of something as moe should be considered completely dependent on the individual. I guess calling a show “moe blob” just means it had a majority in that case?
    Also, don’t rag on Mafuyu brah :V (herpderp)

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