Occult Academy Reminds me of Ghost Hunt

In my long, vast and cloudy to-see anime list there’s a spot where my current season shows rest, and there stood Occult Academy. It was silently waiting for the right moment to come out and run freely in my video player, and so I finally got around watching it. In a sudden rush, I watched episodes 01 to 04 without delay and time just flew away. Two hours gone like a something that goes away really fast, I can’t think of any nice analogies but that has never stopped me.

The premise itself isn’t all that flashy, but the elements it contains and the characters just make me want to learn more about them and their lives. Thought, I must admit episode 04 didn’t quite match up to the other three. That said, I wouldn’t like the series to crash and burn like Ghost Hunt did in it’s latter days.

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