IS: Infinite Stratos 02 – Now she’s in love with him?

Here’s what happened following from episode 01, the blonde british girl and Orimura fight and after some battle scenes (those better than expected) he lost, but only because his sword basically traded life points for attack points and he ended up killing himself. Now noting the fact the He is an amateur fighting someone who’s representing  England he did pretty good, but that’s not the issue here though, what really mattered  (yes, everyone saw it coming a mile away) is that she has the hots for him now, and I don’t know about anyone else but I found that so cliché, I mean that’s just not how it would go in real life. Sure she’d be closer and more friendlier in a manner of ways but not muttering-his-name-while-showering kind of close.

Other stuff that happened in the episode is that he raised some points with his childhood friend.

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