IS: Infinite Stratos 04 – Infinite Childhood Friend Works

Yeeeaah a full episode of CG battles and tsundere childhood friends. The fight versus Rin was interrupted by an unknown type of unmanned suit that came crashing down on the party, They defeated it but Ichika was left unconscious in the nurse’s office bed, waking up to prevent poor Rin to steal a kiss. In my opinion he really sucked in this fight, he didn’t show all the reflexes he showed when fighting Cecilia and got hit one too many times, not mention Rin had to beam him  and power him up for him to actually damage the baddie buuut no, he still didn’t kill him. How did he kill him? ramming head first into his deadly laser, that’s how.

The CG were good and fluid, and most of the dialogue in the episode wasn’t crap. It was surprising to see Chifuyu pouring salt instead of sugar into her coffee by accident during Ichika & Rin’s battle against the baddie, now I see she’s not an uncaring bitch of a sister like a certain imouto character.

Finally, notice the reverse trap in the preview, that looks promising.

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