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Curious Fact about Death Note Episode 29

According to the famous death note rules, when an owner performs a deal with a shinigami, his/her life span is cut by half, if the owner were to quit the ownership of the note, he’d loose all his related memories and his life span would not come back. While in possession of the Shinigami Eyes, the owner has the ability to see a person’s full name and remaining life span, but we wouldn’t expect to see the main character’s (or any important character in the plot for that matter) remaining life span, so instead these numbers and letters are unknown characters called “letters from the shinigami world”, illegible and and blurry scribbles with no meaning at all. These leads to a question: How did the characters who possessed the eyes at any time, managed to understand and carry out their objectives with this unknown alphabet?  since it clearly makes no sense at all.

On this episode, Chief Yagami Light made a deal with the  Shinigami called Ryuk, Ryuk had also performed a deal previously on Misa, which means there isn’t necessarily a limit to how many times a shinigami can perform a deal on humans. Chief Yagami died by receiving various bullets in his back, despite the bullet proof vest, one or more bullets had hit the flesh, furthermore he was burned badly (i’d say 3rd degree burns) by the explosion caused by Mello for his escape route. He died just a while after doing the deal, maybe half and hour or 15 minutes later, in his original life span, only less than an hour remained.



Misa did NOT get laid…

The Good: Cartoony expressions in Death Note! 2 new characters, L eats Misa’s cake and brainwashed Light hits L for liking old Light better.

The Bad: No threesome orgy with Misa-Misa, no surprising way to introduce characters and Police Squad crew gets another member out.

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Send Party invitations with Death Note paper!

In ep 16 L is putting everyone in confinement and he doesn’t give a sh*t. And since Light’s losing his brainz he decides to dump the death note and try to execute some wacky plan to get Memory erased Light to the forest where he hid the Death Note in. Of course he could just die and we would have a full show with L only!

Now Light’s dad is in denial with his “Oh no my son ain’t no trap face” but he just doesn’t want to face the facts but life sucks and at times like these we gotta take it like men, GAR men! so that’s why he locked up himself up too! that makes total sense right?

What has Ryuk been doing these last eps, apart from eating apples of course he hasn’t been important to any of the recent plot twists, i kinda wanted him to start dating out Rem or something, seduce her with an Apple! or an Ipod, same thing!

“I can see you in the toileeet~” thats the first thing that came to my mind when i saw this scene, L has some weird ways to visualize things, but i was more amused cause it looked like he was trying to get Misa outta the way to have Light hall to himself.


L. touched Misa’s ass, and Light gets Jealous

Darn, why wont Misa die? so close… but more surprising was L grabbing Misa’s ass, maybe there is still hope for him.

I have lost to my temptations and i’ve decided i’ll download the manga chapters, i’m not the Manga kind of person but i just can’t take it anymore, my blood pressure is gonna go mad if i don’t find out what happens next, like will Misa ever get Laid?

Right now i’ve reached i level of Fanboyism towards Death Note that i looked myself in the mirror and said to myself “Fuck You” and then i slapped myself, why? cause its like a damned drug! i’ve reached the point of no return now. Ohh and Misa with the torture thing on her body looks like i came directly from a hentai series, too bad there weren’t any Real Men to appreciate that moment, except maybe L’s Butler who’s been not getting any screening lately, people need their Green Tea Ice cream to have an abnormaly high IQ! why hasn’t Light realized that?

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Death God Love… Hurts

I’m so freaking pissed at the girl, she totally gave Light away with her tape, and now he’s like “Omg she’s such a dumb-ass lololololol” she needs to die. I really mean it, die in the next episode dammit!.

I wanna know about Ryuk’s back-story on how he stole the other death note from the king of Death Gods, and i wanna know who the %$#@ IS the king of the Death Gods, It’ll be awesome if he appears and joins Light and they Pwnd L together but i’m fighting the temptation of reading the manga, I’ve come too far to spoil myself at this point and this series is just too good, although i don’t get why some people dislike it, even if they haven’t read the manga. Anyhow it’s weird i watched this the same day it came out, I got too much free time these days. OK back too Black Lagoon and to try getting on Pangya. orz


The mastermind didn’t get much Screentime this time

To see myself watching a new episode the same day it comes out is rather weird.

There’s a new Shinigami in town, none of the previous ones, a new one, but still judging by the voice i can’t say if its female or male, it gave a Death Note to some girl who i think has a crush on Kira, and she’s got Shinigami eyes, for a second i though Light’s dad was a goner but that turned out well.

One thing I’m curious about, can she see people’s names and life spam on a TV screen too?, also i’m a little disturbed because i heard somewhere that she’s a trap, i don’t wanna spoil myself up but that would mean adding Death Note to the Trap list with Jun and Mizuho, which BTW is no longer considered trap due to a lot of denial cases going around the AB community.

So, anyone who has read the manga, tell me about this girl so i can put this issue to rest already.


Can Death Note [02] be good for your Health?

”I prescribe a dosis of Death Note to all Dark-themed Emos out there to relieve stress, seriously go for it”

I got stunned by just seeing the sharpness and intelligence of the 2 main characters, since i have not read the manga, this is new material for me and i must say, while separating junk from Treasures in Fall season, one must make a special place for this one, i don’t know why i find it so good, probably because i was looking for a really dark-themed anime and Higurashi wasn’t what i was looking for, in fact sometimes i could pretty much guess what was gonna happen, but Death Note is everything but predictable.

Although i’ve heard the dialog from manga is almost identical to the one in the anime, to new Death Note fans like me that won’t matter at all.

One of the good aspects i liked in this episode is how they portrayed Light as a mastermind, with overwhelming ideals about his goals and beliefs. It’s hard to tell how will the story develop but right im glued to the monitor.

Now that this business is done, Kanon [02] screams my name…